Do Not Bend

The "Do Not Bend" caption on a direct mail envelope is something we marketers have been using for years. And it's good to see it's still in use - a tried and true line of copy that's more curiosity provoking than warning.

Recently, these two samples arrived in my mail - each bearing the same "Do Not Bend" teaser copy. Reading the cautionary words, the recipient is made to believe that there's something delicate inside that could be harmed by bending - a photograph perhaps? We often use this line of copy when there's a membership or plastic card inside the package - to allude to the thing of value without showing it and heighten the curiosity factor. What's inside the envelope? In these two cases, nothing so worthy of the "Do Not Bend" line, such as a membership card or photograph. Just magazine subscription renewal forms - BUT the cautionary line of copy DID get me to open the envelope, and that's half the battle in direct mail.

Now, if they'd only make me reply!

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