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Editing Services
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You've written a book. You want to publish it. Congratulations! The quality of your writing is critical to your success in the marketplace. So don't let incorrect grammar, errors in punctuation or typos distract readers from focusing of your story or message. 

As an experienced copy editor, I can help. I've provided copy editing services for successful self-published authors. I can help give your book the professionalism your readers expect, with suggestions you can use to sharpen your work and refine it. Editing services include:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Overall style critiques 
All to give you and your book every advantage to succeed in the marketplace! 

Here is what some of the authors
who have worked with me
have to say ...

"Cynthia Maniglia played a huge role in helping me self publish my first book, Philly War Zone.  She helped me with the overall structure and style of the book.  And she helped me with details, like proper grammar and punctuation.  I couldn't have done it without her."
Kevin Purcell
Author Philly War Zone
© 2012


"I highly recommend Cynthia Maniglia for all your copy editing services."

Joyce Wright-McAdoo
Author Zimba © 2009

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