Lancôme POPS in this month's VOGUE

My VOGUE subscription arrived in the mail this afternoon
with a surprise...
 Lancôme went all out to introduce a line of limited-edition eye products created in partnership with fashion designer Alber Elbaz - which premiered in stores June 15th, 2013.
 The multi-page ad was a total surprise and made a fun,
knock-out impression.
 This fashionista copywriter will have to check out the new products el pronto.
 Love the details ...
 At the center of the pop-out "show" are a bride and groom.
He kind of looks like a monkey, I dunno. Monkey suit.
 And the peeps at the show - they look kind of ...
ummm, Adams Family-ish. 
 Nevertheless ...
 Ciao for now! 


Luxury Travel Newsletter for AAA Travel

Here's a sample of recent work by The Copy Grove - the cover of the Spring | 2013 luxury travel newsletter for AAA Travel.


Scope Goes To The Dogs

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Look at the new Scope "flavor". Really. Bacon breath? That's what I call my dog.

So I guess I can kiss my sweetie good morning after he swishes with this and say, "Mmmm, breakfast!"

What's next? Scope Steam Train flavor and they'll play "Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull as the theme song? 

Maybe this bacon flavored mouthwash is going to be a dieter's best friend - for those times when you want to eat bacon but really shouldn't.Where's the chocolate flavored mouthwash???


Outer Envelope Teaser Copy for August 2013

I'm thinking ahead. The U.S. Postal Service plans to stop delivering letters and other first-class mail on Saturdays, beginning August 1, although packages will continue to be delivered. So here's my outer envelope teaser copy for August 2013. 


The Big Reveal

Here's the big reveal ... my quote, as it appears in the Woman's Advantage 2013 Shared Wisdom Calendar for January 24th.


This is a great calendar, not just because I'm in it...

You can quote me! I'm excited to be a calendar girl yet again - for the second year in the row; my quote appears in the Woman's Advantage 2013 Shared Wisdom Calendar. I'll share the quote that is in the calendar with you on January 24th.

You can listen to my quote from last year here.

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