Lancôme POPS in this month's VOGUE

My VOGUE subscription arrived in the mail this afternoon
with a surprise...
 Lancôme went all out to introduce a line of limited-edition eye products created in partnership with fashion designer Alber Elbaz - which premiered in stores June 15th, 2013.
 The multi-page ad was a total surprise and made a fun,
knock-out impression.
 This fashionista copywriter will have to check out the new products el pronto.
 Love the details ...
 At the center of the pop-out "show" are a bride and groom.
He kind of looks like a monkey, I dunno. Monkey suit.
 And the peeps at the show - they look kind of ...
ummm, Adams Family-ish. 
 Nevertheless ...
 Ciao for now! 

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