Make Interaction and Transaction Happen with Simple Words and Graphics

All too often, we marketers get so caught up in the need to be creative and conceptually outstanding that it's easy to forget the main reason why we're printing or broadcasting messages in the first place: to make interaction and transaction happen.

That's why I love this brochure.

It's simple. It communicates quickly. I get it.

Grabbing attention is easy - a loud noise can do that. Think bomb blast or siren. So can a jarring visual - like a fire, a crash, or a naked body. But using words and graphics to communicate complex ideas - particularly intangible products or services in the insurance and financial world - can be tricky. On the one hand we want to grab attention, and other the other hand we want to be clear about what we're presenting.

So sometimes simple is the way to go.

This Wells Fargo brochure tells me right away what it's about - financial protection for the things in my life that matter - using a simple headline and beautifully simple graphics.

I'm keeping this one in my swipe file.

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