Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Every Zip Code

This ad appeared in USA Today. Great placement for this ad; it appears on the page that features state-by-state news blurbs (short paragraphs about the top news under a bold header for each state in the nation). Tomorrow is officially the first day of autumn, but hey - with temps in the 90's here in PA, we're still in "sprinkler" mode. So this ad passes "go." As someone who does a lot of work for Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies nationwide (independent licensees of the BlueCross BlueShield Association), I'm pleased to see this cheerful, simple and well-placed ad, in light of recent and upcoming health care reforms, promoting the brand we all know and trust.

Catchy Ad Slogans Reincarnated

The Original:  
  "Got Milk?" - created for the California Milk Processor Board
and then licensed for milk processors and dairy farmers nationwide.

The Reincarnated:

The Original: 
"What's in your wallet?" - Capital One campaign and tagline.

The Reincarnated:


The Power of J.D. Power and Associates Awards

Every year, J. D. Power and Associates recognizes select companies - all across the nation and in virtually every major industry, from car manufacturing to health insurance - for great service and high customer satisfaction ratings, all with the goal of making it easier for Americans to be smart consumers. You've no doubt seen the ads that recipient companies run, touting their J.D. Power and Associates rankings, often with a headline that brags about how many years in a row they've received the award. Here's an example that Hilton's extended stay hotel chain, Homewood Suites, ran recently to promote it's J.D. Power rating. The celebratory print ad appeared in USA Today, with the clever headline "HOW SUITE OF YOU."

J.D. Power and Associates awards CAN be extremely powerful in an ad. This Homewood Suites ad features the award front and center, and it has a great start with it's clever headline. The ad's copy is well-written and concise (albeit hard to read), explaining that the award is for "Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Extended Stay Hotel Chains."

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