This is a great calendar, not just because I'm in it...

You can quote me! I'm excited to be a calendar girl yet again - for the second year in the row; my quote appears in the Woman's Advantage 2013 Shared Wisdom Calendar. I'll share the quote that is in the calendar with you on January 24th.

You can listen to my quote from last year here.

About the 2013 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar:
Jump start each day with the advice of a successful woman.

Discover 365 innovative ideas on strategy, teambuilding, marketing, finance, and more. Every day you’ll learn a valuable lesson from a mentor who is successfully growing her business.

Here’s the kind of advice you’ll gain every day of the year:

“Each day is not about what you tried to do, it’s about the results.”

"Consider what your buyer will value five years down the road, and be sure that your business is moving in that direction."

"Set three purposeful goals each week. Make a list of things to do and, more importantly, things NOT to do."

“As women we are always juggling. Your job is to recognize which balls in the air are rubber and which are glass.”

Grow your business every day of the year with 365 key concepts just like these.

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Price: $22.95

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