Late 1970's - Bensalem High School Graduation Speech

Enter the Way Back Machine. The Copy Grove "headquarter" is relocating this fall to warmer climes (oh how I won't miss brutal winters), and as I was going through my hoard of old papers (being a writer, I tend to keep a lot of handwritten things like cards, diaries and notebooks from the past), I happened upon an old "manuscript" - my high school graduation speech. Take a step back in time with me. I'll set the scene.

It's the late 1970's, and I'm graduating Bensalem High School and planning to go to college to study communications. I've been voted by my peers and teachers to speak at graduation through a school-wide contest, representing the Continuing Education track of Bensalem High School.

Here's the manuscript of my speech - complete with errors, crossed-out words, and corrections, and therein lies part of the charm of this bit of hand-written memorabilia. The other part of the charm lies in the message ...

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