How To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitor (Not)

If I didn't have a blog, these two pieces of mail would have gone straight into the trash.

But since I am a blogger, I find these two self-mailers worthy of a post for the same reason they would have gone in the trash ...

They're virtually alike. Oh, one has a red logo and the other has a yellow logo. And they both have different headlines. One has more phones on it than the other. And maybe I'd read that headline first. But the fact is, I read neither headline first. 

One of these companies already has my business and wants more of it. The other wants to win my business. Neither is going to get their way.

It's unfortunate that you don't know what your competition is going to mail until AFTER the fact. So you can't plan accordingly. It's like picking out a dress to wear to a special event and hoping no one else shows up in the same frock. 

In this case, though - I have to tell you - I've been seeing a ton of these black mailings with phones on them. Black self-mailers. Black postcards. Black envelopes. 

How very basic black these mailings are becoming. And boring.

Actually, I AM going to be in the market for a new cell phone soon. So maybe I'd better hang onto these ...

Or try T-Mobile!


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W.R.Printz said...

Black...it is the new....black....

My general hatred of Cell-phone-service companies makes me a less than unbiased source (full disclosure, I used to work for one of them...) but they tend to copy each other fairly closely, with the same offers out to their VARs, the same promotion types, trying to lock down "makers" etc to give them any temp advantage they can get, not surprised by the mail they send at all.

Considering that one of these guys was an innovator in Transpromo, it shocks me how little they have grown.

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