Blog Action Day: Direct Marketing, Paper and Global Warming

Here at The Copy Grove, we recycle paper.

When we get an electronic file, first we ask, "Does this have to be printed out?" In many cases, the answer is "No!" So we try to print out as few documents as possible, to conserve electricity, paper, and ink - not so much for cost-savings but for the sake of being environmentally friendly. Used ink cartridges go to recycling programs whenever possible. And if we print out a document, after the document is read and used, it goes in a pile - and after a couple of months, the pile grows and is repurposed; that is, the paper is sent back to the printer for printing on the other side.

Here's our current pile, soon ready for reuse:

When creating advertising for businesses that use direct mail, we always try to use less paper. Making a mailing more compact and cost-effective by using less paper puts less stress on the environment. And helps keep costs down for our clients. This can be a creative challenge. The writer and designer have to make the most of the paper that they DO have to use. For writers, that means more powerful, shorter headlines and more concise yet persuasive body copy. For designers, that means more powerful graphics that grab attention and generating a layout that leads the eye through the message. Bottom line here is you need a strong creative idea - one that is so strong, you don't need a big, long spiel to get the desired action from your reader.

Of course, you can print your entire mailing on recycled paper. To learn more, read this excellent brochure by the Recycled Paper Coalition.

And for a discussion on direct mail versus e-mail, see this article by Barry Abel, where he tells us ...

"The 20 percent increase in the cost of paper over the past two to three years is being caused in part by higher labor costs as well as higher fuel costs to get wood to the mill, run the papermaking machines and transport the finished product to warehouses and on to printers.

Moreover, many paper mills are making investments to become more eco-friendly, incurring costs to train employees in new processes and procedures. Printing and postage costs are also rising, and additional paper price increases are likely."

Do you have thoughts, suggestions, ideas to share on this topic? Please join in the conversation, in honor of Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change, and leave a comment with what you have to say or a link to your blog or web site.

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Sabina said...

Yay, I get to make the first comment! I love all of this!! We use so much paper, for so many purposes, it's nice to see businesses make a simple but effective choice to reduce waste and save trees. If everyone did this what an impact it would make on this planet!

Happy Blog Action Day Cindy!!

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