Where's The Bun?

When I heard KFC was making a sandwich with no bread, I was thinking it would be like P.F. Chang's lettuce wrapped chicken ... not this monstrosity:Two all chicken patties, special sauce, cheese ... and is that bacon I see too? No bun. KFC’s new Double Down sandwich, which will become available at the chain's fast food locations nationwide and cost a whopping five bucks, is better than a bag of beef jerky, I guess, if you're into protein power. Atkins Diet followers will no doubt love this fare. But those who are watching their waistline, look out. This sandwhich is featured on a web site called "This is why you're fat; where dreams become heart attacks."

How would you advertise this sandwich? Forget the "Where's The Beef?" lady. Here's how KFC is doin' it:

Are you hungry now?

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