Steal Smart

When you earn your living by your creativity and have to "be creative" on demand, you have to learn some tricks to keep sharp so you can keep producing. One trick is to "steal smart." Don't be put off by the word "steal." It should really be "borrow" - "borrow smartly" to be exact.

Here's what I mean and a great example.

First there was the Wheat Thins "snack attack" commercial and subsequent print ads featuring a woman being "attacked" by a oncoming swarm of flying crackers.
"This can only end one way," says the woman's voiceover in the commercial as she catches a flying cracker mid-air between her teeth. "Cruuuuunch!" Yum. (You may have seen a more recent version featuring a macho guy in the same scenario.)

Anyway, what a great technique - a flying swarm of crackers against a white background and the main character triumphant in the foreground! Great visual. Eye-catching, point making.

OK - witness now the new "Stop Breast Cancer" online web ads ...
In the animated version of this, the swarming black yukky stuff comes towards the woman who then thwarts it in its tracks with her outstretched bare hand. Swarming something. Woman in defiant stance. White background. Similar technique to the Wheat Thins campaign, don't you think?

Lesson learned - borrow smartly. That's not stealing.

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