Catchy Phrases: What's "In" Now

"Game-Changer." You've heard the phrase. But have you used it? USA Today used "Game-Changer" in a recent article about the tax cut bill, and one of my new clients just gave me an input document with the phrase in it. Use "game-changer" to describe anyone or anything that brings something good and different to the playing field - innovation or convenience. One company that specializes in innovation and brand growth even uses the phrase as their name, without the hyphen. Now more than ever, the market needs "game changers" to stimulate profit and growth. Be one! Or at least write about one.


Alex said...

This is going to be my motto for 2011 -

"Be a Game-Changer!"


mtlb said...

Game Changers live on the edge and push envelopes... synergistically.

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