Cloud Computing is Great, But ...

Cloud computing is hot now - witness the Windows 7 commercial that aired this holiday season about going "to the cloud."

This is web based electronic storage, a convenient way to back up your photo, Word doc, MP3 and other important files from your SmartPhone, laptop, or what-have-you favorite go-to-device. Windows 7 isn't the only one to offer this service. For instance, Toshiba offers it and so does a company called GoGrid, to name a few.

The information you back up to the Cloud is accessible as long as you have an Internet connection. That's the convenience, but it can also be a downside for business people who depend on having constant access to archived or "work-in-progress" electronic files.

Say the Internet goes down. A Verizon cable is compromised or something goes awry with Comcast. You don't have access to your primary device. You've got a deadline to meet and need to work on some files - which, unfortunately, are only backed up in the Cloud. Unless you're Icarus, too bad; you're out of luck. 

Modern technology rocks but you don't want to get stuck between it and a hard place. Even with state-of-the-art web based electronic file storage, you can still build a case for backing up to a good-old-fashioned flash drive. So go dig up the free one you got from the trade show you attended last year or the one that vendor just gave you. It might come in handy!

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