Disguised As a Giant, 15" Postcard

"Giant Inventory Sell-Off" - Here's the 15" "postcard" from McCafferty auto that arrived in my mailbox today. Bent, yes. Big, you betcha. But they didn't "go it alone." 
The piece, if you look closely, is from The Colossual Circular, whose tagline is "Reach your customers in a BIG way!"
And it's not actually addressed to me, but rather "****ECRWSS (which stands for Extended Carrier Route, Walking Sequence Saturation) Postal Customer." 
And there are ads for a hair salon, hoagie shop, attorney, and roofing company on one side - mixed in with McCafferty "coupons" for FREE inspection and alignment check. 
So it's not really from McCafferty auto, and it's not really a postcard after all, but a circular disguised as a humungo postcard.
Ok. Fooled me!
Being in the business of "who's mailing what," my first reaction when I saw this was, "Wow - marketers ARE mailing giant things and paying flat surcharge postal rates, despite the added cost. There you go, Mr. Crumby Economy!" But now I see how they did it ... and just thought I'd share that with you.
So what's new in your mailbox?


TC/Writer Underground said...

Wow - a whole card deck on one page.

mtlb said...

I like the idea that an attorney might actually specialize in hoagie accidents.

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