What's On My Desk Now

Nothing like starting off a new year with "Fresh, New Words" to grow your business. And looks like my clients agree ...

Today's assignment: Write a follow-up letter to remind prospects to register for an event be held in the summer of 2012. Assignment received yesterday afternoon, first draft of copy delivered to client this morning. Awaiting client feedback.

Next: Getting ready to prepare copy for a PowerPoint presentation to be used by a global professional organization to recruit members in 2012.

And just got wind of a brand-new opportunity: Received a call earlier today from a CEO who just started working with a new organization. She and I have worked together in the past, and she wants me to head up their social media launch in 2012. 

It may still be the last week of 2011, but shouldn't your business be thinking about what "Fresh, New Words" you'll have in place for your 2012 marketing efforts?

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