What Day Is It?

Look what I just received - it arrived in my mailbox on a Thursday. I just love when direct mail ties to TV or other media for advertising campaigns, don't you? This direct mail package echoes the now "famous" Geico TV spot with the talking camel who asks, "Mike, Mike, Mike ... guess what day it is?" In the commercial, it is of course "Hump Day" - or Wednesday, that wonderful middle-of-the-week day. If you make it to "Hump Day," presumedly, the rest of the week is easy going, sort of like coasting down a hill. Or down a camel's hump. It would have been nice if this Geico mailing arrived in my mailbox on a Wednesday. But with direct mail, any day of the week can be a "money-saving day", if the offer is right - as in "Save money on auto insurance by switching to Geico, call now for a free quote." Unfortunately, this mailing was a day late, and as the saying goes, a dollar short, too. I'm already a Geico customer. Nice try, though.

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