Statement Stuffer of The Week: Wachovia Gift Card Tied To Charity

Wachovia is promoting its gift cards pre-holiday via statement stuffers. The cards cost $3.95 each - $1.95 if you buy 20 or more (you save $2); the upside of the fee is that $1 of it (up to $250,000.00 maximum donation) goes straight to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, helping disadvantaged children. The built-in charity donation is a great way to lessen the brunt of the card's issuance fee, an added cost - and now feature/benefit - which most gift cards don't carry. Good idea for business gifts though, if you're still looking for ideas. Interested? Click here.

Statement stuffers are often used by banks and credit card companies to cross-sell or up-sell products and services to existing customers. They can also be used effectively in membership renewal notices for upgrades and cross-sell opportunities. A statement stuffer can be buckslip sized, like this one shown for Wachovia, and if the "call to action" is just a phone number, url or a "visit your local branch office," that's a perfect size. Or they can fold and have a BRC or "make your own" BRE (formed by moistening a glue strip).

Why send just a bill when you can send a statement stuffer, too, and try to get another sale from one of your best prospects, your existing customers?

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