Long Live Summer ~ and Star Rewards!

For quite a few years, the mailers that Macy's has been sending to their charge card customers featured "clean release" cards (sometimes, they're not so clean and full of goo when you pull the cards off the mailer). The cards were good for "Star Rewards" discounts on purchases made with Macy's charge cards. These mailers tended to have upwards of four (or more) cards affixed. That's gotta be expensive to produce. So I wasn't surprised when this new mailer from Macy's arrived, sans the glued-in cards.

The format is a self-mailer with an insert that pulls out of the mailing sleeve. The insert is cleverly designed to pull down from the bottom, with the line of demarcation acting as the liquid inside of a die-cut cocktail glass, to reveal the word "CHEERS." When the insert is pulled completely out of the sleeve, you are left holding a little red booklet with one page filled with four discount cards, which you then can tear out.

With summer only 17 days away and the coupons good from June 3rd through July 18th, this is one promotion I'll be holding onto ~ and using on my next trip to the mall.

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Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Just came back from the mall and used my coupons - whoo hoo!

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