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Bloggers Say The Darnedest Things ...
"... you rank up there with the best that Billy Mays has to offer. The problem is .... you come off looking dated and sad .... You and Aqua Velva. Please. I beg of you, stop now."
- Ranting about Just For Men on Make The Logo Bigger.

"If you have comments enabled, recent posts, a blogroll of links and an RSS feed you might be 58% bloggy by some people’s reckoning."
- Direct Online Marketing blog, regarding a sliding scale of "blogginess." (How bloggy are you, btw?)
"The word exposure reminds me of the word naked so I thought of the term Naked Marketing."
- Uncle Naked Head on how he named his blog, Naked Marketing Blog.

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Michael said...

Hi Cynthia,

I am glad to see that the way I named my blog, NakedMarketingBlog.com was entertaining. We are officially launching on January 2, 2009 and will be reviewing online apps available for small businesses. Hope to see you there. Keep up the good work. Uncle Naked Head.

Thanks for stopping by