Follow-Up: USA Today's online survey tied to Sweeps

Back in October, I blogged about an interactive survey that USA Today was doing, to measure effectiveness of advertisements that companies place in the paper. The survey is done online and is tied to a monthly giveaway/sweepstakes. Well, yesterday I received my first survey link in my email inbox, pictured above. I received it in the morning and had until midnight that day to do the online survey (not shown above is the link to the survey, which was a few lines down in the email). They even sent me a reminder email in the middle of the day.
In the evening, after dinner, I read the paper and then I decided to go online to take the survey. I left the paper on the dining room table, but I went to the computer in my office, nevertheless. The link from the email brought me directly to the survey, without having to "log in" or remember any password from when I initially registered for the survey, which was nice. The survey asked standard "market research" type questions about a Sprint ad that ran in the Nov. 13th USA Today, promoting Sprint's "Simply Everything Plan."
The ad itself had caught my attention because I am a Sprint customer. I quickly glanced over the full page ad and decided the new Simply Everything Plan from Sprint for $99 a month wasn't any better than my current Sprint plan, based on my current usage, and I didn't plan to use my cell phone more (in fact, I try to use it less), so I turned the page and kept reading. Unfortunately, the survey questions didn't ask if I passed up the ad's offer due to the fact that I was already a Sprint customer.
Well, I look forward to the next survey. Next time, I'll give you more insight into the kind of questions asked.

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