USA Today's Clever Giveaway Helps Evaluate Ads

Aside from focus groups that offer cash incentives and can take up too much of a busy participant's day, here's an interesting thing that a newspaper is doing to conduct market research on the effectiveness of its advertising ... with online surveys and cash giveaways!

USA Today is interested in knowing what their readers think about the newspaper's print and online advertising. The paper is conducting a series of short online surveys. Readers get a chance to win $250 in a cash prize drawing just for registering - PLUS the opportunity to win additional cash prize giveaways monthly.

Do you read USA Today? If so, you can click here to register.The registration process takes you through a quick, rather painless initial survey about your reading habits, as well as asks some standard demographic questions. I just did it and it took a minute or so. Upon completion of the initial survey, you will then be sent an email to confirm your registration and also be entered into the drawing for the $250 cash prize.


Mike Wagner said...

Very interesting!

I can see a number of advantages.

Sometimes I am asked to lead focus groups and there is always a challenge to first get participants to come. Then to make sure they are the right participants. And along with that comes the puzzle of what is the right cash incentive.

It would be interesting to follow how this works for USA Today.

Thanks for pointing to it.

Keep creating...a brand worth raving about,

Cynthia Maniglia said...

Update - as of today, following my registration for the surveys earlier this month (it's almost been two weeks), I haven't received anything from USA Today.

(Hmmm, maybe I should check my spam folder, just in case something's there!)

Thanks for stopping by