Wall Street, Main Street, or Mall Street?

Duct Tape Marketing's 10/12/08 blog post poses some good questions about Main Street vs. Wall Street.
Their question: "In the context of the small business world, what is Main Street anyway?"
My answer: "Words. A nice catch phrase. It's where the Mom and Pop stores of yore flourished. But more and more, it's become an iconic phrase in the vernacular."
Their question: "Is Main Street the antithesis of Wall Street?
My answer: "It's supposed to be an extension of Wall Street. What happens on Wall Street affects Main Street."
Their question: "Are Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Mainstreeters?"
My answer: "Palin is posing as such. Not so sure about Biden. He's more ... I dunno ... polished. Maybe he's more Mall Street!"
Their question: "Does Wal-Mart build on Main Street?"
My answer: "Wal-Mart tore down Main Street and stuck all the goods inside a gigantic warehouse they call a store. Essentially, they got rid of the street!"

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i like that ... "Mall Street!"

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