alli tries to win allies with new direct mail creative featuring dual option incentive

alli is an over-the-counter weight loss aid, and their latest direct mail creative features a 96-page, 6.5 inch squared "we lost it" book filled with illustrated testimonials. There's "Laura Lee" - age 27, from Ansonio, CT - who used to be a fit, size-7 firefighter who then became "the fat friend." And then there's "Laki" - a 37 New Yorker and Executive Kitchen Manager at the Cheesecake Factory - who tasted himself up to 260 pounds. Aside from these and other great testimonial stories which present a wide range of ages and lifestyles, there's also a neat incentive that perfs off the back cover of the book and can be used one of two ways...

SIDE ONE OFFER:  It's a $10.00 Mail In Rebate Certificate. This is great if, say, you just bought the alli product before the book came in the mail. Just grab your receipt and send it in with the rebate certificate, and alli will send you back a $10.00 check. See below ...

SIDE TWO OFFER:  Turn the piece over. Now you have the option to use the coupon on the reverse side to get $10.00 OFF at the point of purchase. See below:

The choice is yours! How interesting is that? And smart - giving your potential buyer the option to SAVE money in the way that is most convenient for him or her. Plus, there's the nifty little "let's go shopping" portion at the top of the piece, which gives you room to make a shopping list and gives you ideas of what to pick up at the market, along with your alli 90ct or 150ct starter kit.

Have you ever seen an offer set up like that before? This is the first time I've seen it. This dual option coupon/rebate incentive is - in my opinion - direct marketing genius for a retail product. Kudos to the alli creative and marketing team for this fabulous execution. Stash this in your idea file - and don't lose it!

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