DMers: A Few Questions for 2009 - and a couple of newsworthy tidbits

Not on the blog roll yet, but should they be? Check out these top ten blogs in 2009, according to Direct Marketing Observations' Marc Meyer. (I just added one to my blog roll.)

Is this BizReport DM forecast coming true - or too early to tell?

What key steps should big companies be taking to be more effective with their marketing in a recession? See what The Direct Marketing Voice has to say on the subject.

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And in today's news:

Amex is paying cardholders to close their accounts. Only a limited number of cardholders will get the offer - pay off your account and close it, get $300. Not bad! Discover, here they come! Discover has a better rewards program, anyway, in my opinion - but hey, in this economy, wonder how long those rewards are going to last?

And how about Tropicana scraping their new OJ carton design (launched last month) because of public outcry? Who needs focus groups when you can have a true test in the marketplace? What Tropicana is doing right: Listening to its market and reacting. Better to get rid of the unpopular cartons NOW, before the company loses market share. 


Marc Meyer said...

Cynthia, thanks for the mention. And your selection of Valeria's blog is a good choice as well. She is a brilliant writer. Take care.

direct mail said...

As a variable data printing and direct mail company, we can't stand dealing with AMEX and the way they do business. I hope I live to see the day they shut their doors down because of the way they treat people.

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