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What if you just have to post something on your blog, Twitter feed, or to do list - but for some uncanny reason, you just can't get online? (Maybe you broke your typing or texting finger ... or your Internet connection is down.) You could call a friend - or your secretary - and get your post up via dictation. But not too many people are good at shorthand these days and well, it's just too old fashioned. OK. Is there another option? 
Sure there is - Jott! Sign up for a free account at their web site (do it now, before you break that typing finger or the Internet goes down), and Jott can turn your voice message into text and post it for you. From what I hear, Jott's speech-to-text application is surprising accurate and easy to use. Gives new meaning to the phrase "phoning it in." If you try it, tell me how you like it. Me? @TEDOTD (shorthand for "at the end of the day"), I'll stick to typing it in myself.

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