Old Navy Newspaper Insert - NOT For Dummies

Someone had to do it.

Remember when Walmart started using Walmart employees - instead of professional models - in their circulars? Of course, lots of companies use their "own people" instead of hiring talent for ads. (Who can forget the famous DRTV ad,  "I'm not only The Hair Club President; I'm also a client"?)

But Old Navy is taking things to the next level and using dummies (or supermodelquins, as they call them) in this week's circular. Behold ... 

I haven't stepped into an Old Navy store lately (and not sure that this circular will compel me to do so - although 2-for-$5 flipflops in an array of wild colors are a bargain, they're bad for my arches). But I wonder if Old Navy actually has such lively looking mannequins in their storefronts? 

While the circular features dummies, the concept is super smart - with headlines similar to what you might find in People, OK! or any gossip magazine. (For example, "They do what we do; these storefront celebs aren't so different after all," and "Even supermodelquins display less-than-perfect poses.") The circular dishes with the latest on Eva, Kimmy, Wesley, Amy, Michelle and there's even a dog named Parker. Looks like they're carrying over the concept online, too.

With the aforementioned 2-for-$5 flipflops, $19 "women's perfect khakis"  and $5 women's tank tops, this interesting take on circular advertising is likely to draw crowds in for the store's FUNdamentals sale, which starts today. One can only hope, given the state of the national economy.

The cover for this Old Navy circular says it is the Premier Issue. And I'm actually looking forward to seeing next week's installment, if only to find out what happens to supermodelquins Eva and Kelly. At least I won't have to read all about it while standing on line at the supermarket ... 

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