Bloggers say the darndest thiings ... on Michael Jackson

Did you know ...

"Michael Jackson had a patent."
       - You can read about it on the Advertising That Works blog.

"You know the morphing effect that we take for granted in movies and commercials, can even do at home on our laptops? What was the first time you ever saw that? If you're like me, it was in the Black or White music video. It was so cool, so cutting edge that I remember sitting in my living room watching it, right after an episode of The Simpsons, even now."
      - From The Exact Target blog.

"My question to you - How did you hear about Michael Jackson’s death?" 
      - Was it via Twitter version 1.0 or 2.0? Check out this interesting post called "Michael Jackson and the Twitter factor" on the Wikinomics blog. 

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chicamom85 said...

I read it on line and when I first saw that he was dead I didn't believe it . I thought it was a stupid overblown mistake. I still can't believe it.


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