Oxi Clean shows class with full page Billy Mays memorial in USA Today

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This appeared in today's USA Today newspaper, page 7A, "In memory of Billy Mays 1958-2009." Note the words above the Oxi Clean logo quoting the opening line that this passionate pitchman made famous ...

"'Billy Mays here!' Yes, he was but sadly not long enough." 

How true.

Another famous pitchman passed away a little over a week ago today, Ed McMahon. Most people remember Mr. McMahon as Johnny Carson's sidekick on the Tonight Show ... but for us direct marketers in the Greater Philadelphia region, particularly those who have done work for the Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, we remember him for his work in DRTV.  

For more about pitchmen in advertising, how to pick one, why they work, etc. ... take a look at this Money Magazine article:  Why the Caveman Loves the Pitchman:  A little celebrity and a shrewd marketing strategy can go a long way to sell a product. The key is understanding how the human brain really works.

Catch you after the holiday weekend. Have a good one!

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Is he a famous star in US?

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