Apollo 11 - 40th Anniversary celebrated with AOL morphed logo

On The Copy Grove's Directions blog, we've talked about how AOL has been periodically morphing their homepage logo to celebrate various seasons or holidays throughout the year - such as April Fool's Day and Tax Day. (Incidentally, April 15th marked the first time AOL ever morphed their logo into an actual product ad for Turbo Tax, which you can read about here.)

Well, as you can see from the above images, looks like AOL is at it again for the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11.

Speaking of logos, is the GM logo going green?

And you can test your logo IQ with this online quiz.

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Anonymous said...

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Go to this link to see the animated Moon Landing:http://portal.aolcdn.com/p/aol_logo_art/1-moonlandinglogo.swf

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