How do you market to women entrepreneurs?

Let's take a look at a couple of examples from Enterprising Women magazine.

The first ad shown here speaks to a diverse range of women in a single headline. The ad is intended to promote a professional network called LEXCI, which is co-branded with the Women's Leadership Exchange and the American Express OPEN business credit card.

Fabulous layout - very attention-getting!

The second ad is meant to also appeal to women and minorities within diverse business communities. But instead of the "in-your-face" layout and brash headline, we've got something much more subtle, yet still full of impact ...
Here, American Airlines integrates the headline/call-outs to the various market segments with its own logo to make the point.

Side note: Many corporations have diversity initiatives whereupon they encourage the hiring of certified vendors that are women-owned or minority-owned. Enterprising Women magazine is strongly aligned with these programs. Their readership is different than that of Working Women or Fortune magazine. So the ads appearing within the pages of Enterprising Women must reflect the unique needs of their unique audience.

Kudos to the marketers cited above for their well-done ads in this fine publication.

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mtlb said...

I like that American Airlines take on the usual stock photo with “diverse” flight crew.

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