The Art Linklover Show - Reruns from the previous week in blogging

Bloggers Say The Darnedest Things ...
"Gone are the days of super-duper high volume direct mail, blanketing anyone who seems close to the target audience. DM will be used judiciously and only where it makes sense." U Suzanne Obermire on hearing the latest news from the U.S. Postal Service about ending their fiscal year delivering 9.5 billion fewer letters and packages than the year before.
"So maybe that career in house flipping didn’t really pan out. Or maybe you tried cashing in on other’s misfortunes with that Find Fortunes in Foreclosures training course. Forget that. The market WILL bounce back. And when it does, people will need help sprucing up before they sell. And that means... Home stager training with The Haverhill Institute of Staging & Design! $24 to $31 an hour? Sign me up!" @ Make The Logo Bigger 

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