NY Credit Unions Put People Over Profit in Ad

With banks losing a lot of credibility over the past few months due to the mortgage debacle, why aren't more people flocking to their local credit unions?

CreditUnionsFORYOU.com isn't missing a beat and begs the question with this ad, shown on the left, which appeared recently in the NY Times. This ad spells out the New York credit union credo of local, not-for-profit financial institutions that are owned by the people who use them - New Yorkers, their customers - not shareholders. 

People who are "looking for a safe and secure financial institution they can trust" are urged to click on the CreditUnionsFORYOU.com web site to learn more.

The tagline written at the bottom of the ad sums it all up very nicely with the words, "Credit Unions. Open To You. True to You." 

If you want to read more about Credit Union marketing, check out this web site and poke around. Some interesting stuff there. And to find a credit union near you, you can click on the CreditUnionsFORYOU.com web site or click here.

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