Dove Recruits Chocolatiers Via DR ad in USA Today

Are home parties a good source of income? 

This ad in yesterday's USA Today caught my eye. The headline plays to current events - and the pay off is yummy! 
With today's tough economy and jobs being hard to find, the makers of Dove chocolate are promoting their latest "product" - not a new ice cream bar or box set, but rather chocolate parties held by chocolatiers! It's a new twist on the Tupperware ladies of yore that taps into the yearning many a woman (or man) has had to make a living making chocolates. It's so very Martha ... so very Parisian! So very smart on Dove's part. They call it Dove Chocolate Discoveries.
The ad features a testimonial from Jill C. Young, Chocolatier. Says she, "I do chocolate tasting parties a couple of times a week. People get to hang out with their friends and sample chocolate. Chocolate mousse. Chocolate fondue, how about a chocolate martini?" She goes on to say, "Some Chocolatiers work part-time, but I'm in it to build a career. Right now, I earn enough to cover part of the mortgage and keep all four kids on the swim team..."  Sweet! She must be selling a lot of chocolate.
The ad's call to action is either phone (1-866-922-3683) or web. And they're very upfront about the cost of starting the program: $149, which includes training, equipment and products to do four chocolate tasting parties. 
Good ad: Good use of testimonial copy to convey the main selling points of the new program. And great headline! Nice use of photography, too.
Bad ad: The phone number is puny and should be down by the web site too.

So ... what do you think? Think Dove is onto something or peddling down a well worn path were many a lingerie party and Southern Lady Home party and knock-off handbag parties have long trodden? How about the ad - like it, love it?


Carrie Geyer said...

Hi Cynthia, I am a new Dove Chocolatier with prior bad experiences with other Direct Sales Companies. I am very happy with Dove Chocolate Discoveries!! I joined in late August and have enjoyed a lot of Success! How can you miss with Dove Chocolate and a room full of Chocoholics?? But the best part is that Dove has great name recognition and is backed by Mars, Inc. Their packaging, promotion, marketing and support is the best I have ever seen. I love it. Visit my blog for the latest Dove Chocolate News. By the way, I love your writing style!
Carrie Geyer

jillywonka said...

Hi, This is Jill Young. Thank you for your positive remarks about the ad in USA Today. I hoped it would bring more success to all of us involved in Dove Chocolate Discoveries. I say yes, Dove is on to something great. There are so many things to do with the product line!!! I've done other direct sales before, this is definitely the most fun and delicious :)
If you have any more questions, you can find me at jillywonka@mac.com
Have a sweet day!

Chocolatiers #6248 said...

Hi Cynthia,
I Have been with Dove Chocolate Discoveries since April of 08,and I just have to tell you I love it.The products are awsome,The Home Office is really there for Us,And with Mar's Company making this great oppertunity for us,I just new it was going to be Good,Because ever thing they do is not shabby,Its Perfection,and I love It.

Sharon Rowley
Sr. Chocolatier#6248

Chocolatelady said...

Hello Cynthia,
I am so excited to read your article. Thank you for the rave review, I have to agree it is the "sweetest" opportunity around! I started with DCD one month after their launch with this division. I am beyond happy that I made the choice to switch to DCD and have been able to turn this into my full time business. I love sharing the product line and the FUN social aspect of our parties! I highly recommend this business, the party and everything in between. I love being able to support FANTASTIC woman, share a superior product line and offer an opportunity of a lifetime. If you have any questions email me chocolateladyathome@gmail.com
Donna Addesa #5032

Cynthia Maniglia said...

I wish everyone the best with this and I've even told some of my personal friends about it. With a lot of people looking for work out there AND a lot of people who LOVE chocolate, what a perfect recipe for success Dove has dreamt up! There's no sugar coating here ... it's plain to see ... BRAVO to the new generation of Dove Chocolatiers!

Dove Chocolatier said...

News Up Date:Had to let you know about our News Letters:

I Love being a Dove Chocolatier here in Tennessee,The products are so Rich and Creamy,of course with them being real chocolate with real cocoa butter makes a big difference,I tell ever one I am supplying Tennessee Folks with RealChocolate One Bite At a Time.A must see is our new News Letter by DCD,called The Chocolate Drizzle http://www.tinyurl.com/chocolatedrizzle

Sharon Rowley

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