Hyundai's Assurance of "Certainty in uncertain times" brings to mind REPO MAN

If you've been watching any TV lately (who hasn't with the recent inauguration?), you might have seen the new Hyundai commercial, touting the car company's latest twist on the old fashioned warranty, a new assurance program. 

It's the Hyundai: Lose Your Job, Return Your Car campaign, as reported on The Huffington Post. And you can also read about it here

What do you think - car marketing genius in a horrendous economy OR automaker suicide? Maybe they should do this with home sales ... Century 21: Lose Your Job, Return Your House. (Wait, don't they call that foreclosure?) 

When you get into the details of the new Hyundai Assurance program, which attempts to give you some sort of "break" if you can't afford to keep your car, you might be thinking repo man. Who knows if other car makers will follow suit?


Ted Grigg said...

The Hyundai campaign does show one way companies deal with a recession. It will be interesting to see how well this works.

As with most such deals, consumers have learned to ask the tough question: "Yeah, but what's the catch?"

As always, there are limitations.
-You can't pay cash for the car to receive this benefit.
-There is a $7,500 limit on the car's depreciation.
-It's only good for a year.
-You still need a car even if you lose your job in order to find another one

Nevertheless, this is a good deal for Hyundai car buyers.

I like the marketing creativity that went into developing this offer. The marketers deserve good results for recognizing what people fear most and coming up with a solution that makes it easier for them to buy a Hyundai.

Thank you for bringing this excellent campaign to my attention.


Sabina said...

Interesting post!!

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